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                      Address: Miansan Creative District, No. 38, Xitai Street, Hedong District, Tianjin (next to Guotai Bridge, Haihe East Road)4-209



                      Copyright ? 2017  TIANJIN HUIYING ENTERPRISES CO.,LTD All Rights Reserved.   津ICP備18001300號

                      Main: All kinds of men's, women's, children's wear, knitwear export business  Tell:022-23133071  Powered by www.300.cn

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                      Company Profile

                      The Hui ying Group was founded in January 1993 by its present President Jason Zhao ("Tianin Huiying Enterprises co, Ltd"). The meaning of Hui Ying in Chinese is "Joining Talents" .

                      More than an export garment manufacturer, Hui Ying positioningis to be a global solution provider in order to constantly adapt to market and clients evolutions and needs.

                      Thus, our critical competitive advantage is our over 20 year experience in sourcing fabrics in one world region, manufacture garments in another and deliver in a third area, to ensure to each client the best possible combination in terms of quality, price and time to market.

                      Today, we have 4 stable garment production bases in the North of China (Tianjin/Hebei/Shandong), Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh-allowing us to export to the EU with no custom duties/taxes.

                      From the very beginning, Huiying has been successfully exporting to North-American and Japanese markets.

                      We have developed a deep expertise in producing a large scope of products for Men, Ladies and Children, with strong development capabilities on woven and knit fabric and garment accessories.

                      Since the beginning, we have been exporting to the North American and Japanese markets, and today our goal is to develop long-term collaboration with clients in Europe.

                      We are strongly dedicated to high quality standards to ensure strong and long-term partnerships with our clients.

                      Our Company still stick to its philosophy "to provide 100% product satisfaction and 100% service satisfaction".

                      In order to fulfil our clients needs, we maintain all our efforts to develop new products - best quality and prices.

                      This has been the foundation of our policy to satisfy and gain trust from our clients.

                      We welcome all new opportunity to meet new friends or clients from all backgrounds and establish steady and long-term business cooperation.

                      Company Profile


                      Tell:022-23133071 turn 166 128

                      Address: Miansan Creative District, No. 38, Xitai Street, Hedong District, Tianjin (next to Guotai Bridge, Haihe East Road)4-209