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                      The Hui ying Group was founded in January 1993 by its present President Jason Zhao ("TianJin Huiying Enterprises co, Ltd"). The meaning of Hui Ying in Chinese is "Joining Talents" .


                      More than an export garment manufacturer, Hui Ying positioning is to be a global solution provider in order to constantly adapt to market and clients evolutions and needs.


                      Japanese Clothing Co., Ltd

                        Japan Apparel Co., Ltd. is registered in Tokyo, Japan. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., since its establishment, it has been actively serving the customers and has provided 3 million pieces of finished products for Tianjin apparel export companies. All kinds of clothing features, which effectively guarantee the quality of Tianjin apparel export products.

                      TEAMING (HONGKONG) LIMITED

                        Tim Ying (Hong Kong) Limited was registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on February 27, 2006 as the full-owned holding company of Tianjin Huiying Industrial Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Huiying International Trading Co., Ltd., and fulfilled the financial business of Tianjin's export business at the same time. The settlement center played an active role in promoting the development of Tianjin Huiying Industrial Co., Ltd. and Tianjin International Trade Co., Ltd.

                      Huiying International Trade Co., Ltd.

                        Tianjin Huiying International Trade Co., Ltd. was registered in Tianjin Bonded Area on March 6, 1997 with a registered capital of US$200,000. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timing (Hong Kong) Limited. Since the establishment of the company, the apparel business of Tianjin Huiying Industrial Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the import and export business of garment surface accessories. The company's products are exported to Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, South Asia, for the Tianjin Hui Ying Industrial Co., Ltd. 

                      Women's clothing
                      Men's Wear
                      Children's clothing


                      Address: Miansan Creative District, No. 38, Xitai Street, Hedong District, Tianjin (next to Guotai Bridge, Haihe East Road)4-209



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